Textile Expo


The show is a must-attend for industry professionals associated with sourcing finished or intermediate product and / or design or manufacturing capability from the apparel, accessories and textiles industry. The show provides opportunities for both volume sourcing, as well as smaller operators including start-ups who are keen to access international suppliers. Whether you are an established manufacturer, importer, trade buyer, agent or designer you will be inspired by what is on offer at the event.
  • DISCOVER new market in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Pakistan for manufacturing of apparel, textiles, accessories and more
  • Meet, compare and connect with international manufacturers, suppliers, agents and industry experts
  • Order direct from suppliers and rationalise your supply chain
  • Expand your network and commercial opportunities by connecting with new international industry contacts
  • Improve your business offering by sourcing new products and assessing existing and potential suppliers
If any of the following describes your role, you can’t miss this event.
  • Owner
  • Product Developer
  • Director
  • Private Label Agent
  • Buyer
  • Quality Manager
  • Senior Management
  • Planning Manager
  • Executive
  • Logistics Manager
  • Designer
  • Merchandise Manager
WANZ Global Textile and Leather Expo will introduce you to more than 70 premium manufacturers from around the world. With so many businesses well versed in working with Canadian companies, you will find multiple partnership options at the one event with diverse capabilities and from both established and emerging production regions. For all visitor enquiries, please contact minahil.moaziz@cocktailgroup.ca.